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Just for you

Yup, a post just for you guys, the most wonderful readers of all- the email subscribers!

As you may know, we’ve moved. We’re now located at Blogspot and would very much love for you to hop on over and subscribe to the new site

I mean, come on, can you reeeally say no to our faces??

It’s super duper easy to subscribe [see below]…

ALSO, I wanted to thank each and every one of you. I started this blog a year ago as an incentive to try out some vegan recipes and never imagined the support the Hungry Birdie would get. The blogsophere is a funny thing, isn’t it?

Anyway, you guys are awesome and I hope you continue to follow the Hungry Birdie journey.

Lots of love!



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picture by kev chapman (flickr)

It’s moving day around here and I couldn’t be more excited! As of today, the Hungry Birdie will be flying over to Blogspot. We love the clean, modern look of the new site and really hope you do too!

To all our lovely email subscribers, we ask that you pleeease sign up on the Blogspot so you can continue to receive updates.

The site address will still be http://www.thehungrybirdie.com so no worries there (you can check it out this minute at this link). Please join us in the move and let us know what you think!

I also wanted to explain for my relative lack of recipe posts lately… school is really demanding right now and will be until December 21st, so I’m sorry for neglecting the blog. On the plus side, I’m already brewing up tons of holiday recipes and my mum is even excited about writing a guest post!

Finally, thank you ALL for following my journey. The Hungry Birdie will be turning one year old very soon (aww little baybay), and it’s all thanks to you, the readers!

xo Robin

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The little things

Soooo I’m in the thick of it right now. School is pretty all-consuming these days. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel though, cannot wait to spend time relaxing with family and friends over the holidays. Before I get back to work I wanted to remind myself of the things that I love, and that I’m thankful for, some of which I’ve been enjoying lately, some of which I’ve been craving desperately…

Things like massive mugs of tea. accidental good hair days. singing while alone. doing puzzles. the smell of vanilla. sleeping in. late night movie dates. long drives. cooking for people i love. freshly painted nails. impromptu naps. winter walks. clean skin. giggling with friends. the first sip of beer. fresh sheets. perfectly crisp apples. good dreams. good songs. the colour a ripe mango. compliments on a bad day. half awake i love yous. board games. yummy kitchen smells. hauntingly beautiful photographs. lingering hugs. cracking my knuckles. peppermint lattes. wearing something new for the first time. the perfect chewy cookie. feeling cold air on my face. homemade soup. confessions to new friends. long chats with old ones. the first day of a holiday. family dinners over wine. and so so much more… xo

What little things make you happy?

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Through the haze

Photos by pwisenberg & I

Sigh. I love summer. Especially when it includes finishing puzzles, climbing trees, wearing breezy skirts, picnicking in the park, enjoying simple meals and gazing up at cloudless blue skies in this city I love with all my heart.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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One Green Planet

Hello all!

I’m so happy to announce that I’ve been invited to contribute a monthly recipe column to the fabulous site, One Green Planet. My first submission was published yesterday and I couldn’t be more excited!

Please check it out here!

Happy Friday xo

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photos by pwisenberg

Apart from this week, where it’s been nonstop rain (I finally caved and bought this jacket), it’s safe to say that spring is finally here! This means any time not working is spent biking around town (cherry blossoms are in season), walking through the neighbourhood to our fav coffee shops, enjoying avocado sandwiches on a sunny patio and posing for late night photo shoots after a few glasses of sangria…

Recipes coming very soon my lovely readers!

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photos by pwisenberg

Okay, so it may not be New York City, but Ottawa sure has its perks. Highlights of the weekend include touring the University of Ottawa Law School, having one of the best meals of my life at Zen Kitchen and taking shelter in the rain by cozying up in our hotel room with Netflix and a bottle of wine. We even did the good old Parliament tour which, go figure, was not as boring as I remembered it being in seventh grade. On our way out of town, we stopped for lunch at The Green Door Restaurant where we piled our plates with vegan goodies like spanakopita, fresh rolls and smashed yams. Clearly, we couldn’t leave without grabbing dessert, so we tried a peanut butter cookie, a slice of the mint chocolate tofu “cheesecake” and the most rich and delicious orange chocolate layer cake. Lastly, on the long drive home we were blessed with the most breathtaking sunset that seemed to go on forever. I’ve been spoiled with all the road trips we’ve been taking lately, I could sure get used to this!

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